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Three Men in a Float (2008/2009)

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Little Black Book of Red Tape (2007/2008)

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The Myway Code (2006/2007)

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Britain: What a State (2005/2010)

The Lie of the Land
The Lie of the Land - an under-the-field guide to Britain, is published by Macmillan and, in the light of the amazing things I discovered about our amazing countryside while I was writing it, I set up The British Landscape Club, an organisation that celebrates the exotic delights of the UK’s countryside
Three Men in a Float
Three Men in a Float, a tale of an epic, if apparently eccentric, journey across England in a 1958 electric milk float, with a top speed of 15mph (somewhat slower than a bee), was written with Dan Kieran. For more information, photos and film from the trip, go to the microsite.
The Little Black Book of Red Tape
A treasury of stories themed around the dark arts of administration and a compact history of bureaucracy all rolled into one little volume, signed copies of the Little Black Book of Red Tape are available from the shop on this site.
The Myway Code
The Myway Code (2006) is written and designed in a style that will be familiar to everyone who has seen, and therefore failed to read, The Highway Code; it has its own microsite, complete with its very own “driving theory” test.
Britain: What a State
Britain: What A State (2005), Ian's first book, is still accompanied by an occasionally updated website, from where you can download an annotated, updated and expanded ebook for free.
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