Ian writes narrative non-fiction, nature and travel books, as well as illustrated humour and satire which he also designs and lays out.

His most recent book was
The Lie of the Land: an ‘under-the-field guide’ to the origins of Great Britain's landscape and before that Three Men in a Float about an epic journey across England and The Myway Code with Dan Kieran.

Britain: What a State was based on his winning entry to the C4 Comedy Circuit competition.

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Radio & TV
He co-wrote and presented a half-hour radio documentary – Three Men in a Float – for BBC Radio 4, based on the book of the same name. In the past has written material for Radio 4 sketch shows, BBC3 and Zeppotron and Channel 4 and Vera Productions, including Bremner, Bird & Fortune.
He is a columnist and regular feature writer for BBC Countryfile magazine and also contributes regularly to The Guardian.
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He is an erstwhile contributing editor of The Idler and columnist for The Daily Telegraph while also contributing features to the Radio Times, The Author and Countryside Voice, among others.
Digital & Web
Online, he contributes to the websites of The Dabbler and Caught by the River and owns and edit the websites of the British Landscape Club and the Department of Social Scrutiny.

Guardian Features

Stop. Look up, look down. There are natural wonders on your doorstep
You don’t have to pedalo up the Congo for spectacle

Stonehenge: a New Dawn
G2 Shortcuts feature on the landscape restoration work at Stonehenge.

Some good Anglo-Saxon values for Mitt Romney
If Romney wants to rebuild the special relationship on Anglo-Saxon values, what might that mean exactly?

The joy of a proper picnic
Those of us with picnicking at the very core of our being lay out rugs come rain, wind or snow.

Why I hate summer
Why can’t we accept hot weather doesn’t belong here?

Why illuminating Stonehenge is an unenlightened idea
Introducing light pollution would only disconnect us further from the landscape they inhabit

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Daily Telegraph Features

Quiet Life: Three Men in a Float

Witchcraft in the full moon
In the first of a monthly series exploring curious and uncommon corners of Britain, Ian Vince visits Avebury

Fired by ancient zeal in Cornwall
Continuing his series on the curious, Ian Vince pays his respects to the sun in Cornwall

A small sacrifice for a Long Man
The curious Ian Vince is willing to go to huge lengths to join a hillside pagan ritual

Hallowe'en: A chilly welcome from mine ghost
Ian Vince books in for a spooky night out in pursuit of the paranormal

BBC Countryfile Features

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